Install of Livestock Template Method

If you already followed the instructions on the Install page. You can skip the top part of this page and go directly to Download and Install Livestock3D in the bottom. Following these tutorials should not conflict with the original installation of Livestock.

Grasshopper Install

Livestock DOES NOT work without a valid installation of Grasshopper and Rhino.

Anaconda Install

We recommend to download and install Anaconda as your Python package manager get it here

Follow the instructions on their page.

Remember to check the box with: "Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable"

Conda Environment

When Anaconda is install you are ready to create a conda environment. Open the command or Anaconda promt. Type in:

conda create -n livestock_env python=3.6 numpy matplotlib

Conda will then install the environment called “livestock_env”, with Python 3.6 and NumPy. Afterwards the environment can be activated:

activate livestock_env

Download and Install Livestock3D

  • Download the Livestock Grasshopper zip here
  • Create a folder at %appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\scripts called livestock3d
  • Put the files from the folder "grasshopper" in there.
  • Create a folder called C:\livestock3d
  • Put the files from the folder livestock3d there.
  • Move the folder "Grasshopper Script" to a location of your choosing.
  • Put the files from "UserObjects" to the Grasshopper UserObjects folder.

Create your first component!

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