Livestock Release 2018.09

I am really happy to announce the first public release of Livestock. So far Livestock has only existed as a biproduct of my master thesis, but over the summer I have worked hard on streamlining the workflow to make it more user-friendly. That also means that the number of components have gone down compared to what was part of the thesis, in order to focus on improving a subset of components and functionalities. However, the plan is to release all the components from my thesis, but it have to wait for a later release. Livestock is hereby moved from the "alpha-phase" into "beta" as I expect there is still some bugs crawling around. If you encounter any please create an Github Issue and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Kristoffer Negendahl has gone from being my thesis supervisor to an more active, but equally valuable, part of the team. He has, besides counselling, been the first tester of Livestock and used it at his day job at BIG.


To read more about Livestock, what it can do, its goals and the philosophy behind; Please visit the Livestock Introduction Page


Livestock depend on several other open source libraries and without them it would not have been possible to create Livestock. So I would like to thank all of their maintainers and contributors for sharing their work with the world. A special thanks to Philipp Kraft, who created CMF with him and his project Livestock would not have existed.

Dependency List

Livestock 2018.09 Release Notes

Download the Livestock 2018.09 Release from Github and follow the Installation Instructions

Grasshopper Components

The following components have been added to the Livestock Grasshopper package:

0 | Miscellaneous

  • Livestock Python Executor

1 | Geometry

  • Livestock Save Mesh
  • Livestock Load Mesh

2 | CMF

  • Livestock CMF Ground
  • Livestock CMF Solve
  • Livestock CMF Results
  • Livestock CMF Outputs
  • Livestock CMF Solver Settings


Hill Slope Run-Off