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UTCI Parameter Sensitivity

Ever wondered, which parameter in the UTCI calculation is the most influential?

Webinar: Grasshopper Components and the Livestock Template Method

Last week I did a webinar with TGIC on the Livestock Template Method. The recording is now available.

UTCI Speed Test

In this post I will make a speed test of different ways of implementing the UTCI-equation in a Grasshopper Component and see what can be done to speed it up with the Livestock Template Method.

Video Tutorial - My First Component

As a compliment to My First Component there is now a video tutorial available

Background for Livestock

Short introduction to the Livestock package and why it was created.

Graph Plotter Component

A tutorial on how to use the Livestock Template Method to create a Grasshopper component that can plot graphs using Matplotlib.

How is it Working

A short post on how the Livestock Template Method is working.

Install Livestock

Guide to install the Livestock Package.