Christian Kongsgaards projects. LCAx, EPDx, EPD Search, EPW Visualizer


The goal for LCAx is to make an open, machine and human-readable data format for exchanging LCA results, EPD's and assemblies.

Our goal is making LCA calculations more accessible, transparent, and open.

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EPDx is a library for parsing EPD files into a common exchange format.

The library is written in Rust, to allow for cross-language package distribution. Currently, we support Javascript/Typescript, Python and Rust.

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The website is a simple website with a search bar, where you can type in a search word.
After pressing enter you will be taken to a page with a list of EPDs that matches your search word. Exactly like Google does it.

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DGNB Chart

A simple app for creating an aster plot from your DGNB score.

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EPW Visualizer

The app is a simple EPW weather visualizer.

The landing page has a map with weather stations on.
When an user clicks on a weather station they are taken to the second page, where the weather data is visualized.

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