I Create Software for a More Sustainable Building Industry

I Create Software for a More Sustainable Building Industry

I Build Custom Software Solutions for Clients

I help clients build digital solutions to stay ahead of the competition and deliver sustainable buildings.

I have a solid understanding of what it takes to drive a product forward, combined with both business and technical experience and knowledge.

I help Clients go from Idea to Solution

Describing an idea - a problem, solution pair - is often the hardest part of innovation.

I guide clients through the initial solution exploration to a concrete set of specification, User Stories and a development roadmap.

Full-Stack Development

My interest for coding started during my studies, where I began to code more and more along side the classic building engineering classes.

Even though programming started as a hobby it has developed into a full time occupation and I have for the last several years worked full time as a software developer.

I am proficient in several languages and web frameworks. I have a thorough knowledge about DevOps and containerization of applications and I have built and developed CI/CD pipelines and containerized cloud deployment workflows.

Computational Design

I have a background as an architectural engineer specialized in computational environmental design and building performance simulations.

As an engineer my key goal is always to automate analyses workflows, enabling faster and easier availability to analysis results. I aim to give more people access to complex environmental information to promote innovative, evidence based, holistic and sustainable building designs.

My toolbox consists of engineering knowledge, visual and classic programming mixed with architectural and design skills.