├ľkobau's API is Open for Registrations ­čÜÇ

├ľkobau's API is Open for Registrations ­čÜÇ
Learn ├ľkobau's API

On Friday the registration for the Code with Me course opens!

But the online course is already ready, therefore dear newsletter subscriber, are you so lucky to gain early access and sign up to the course!

Code with Me: ├ľkobau's API

In the course, I will teach you how to use Python to search and fetch EPDs from ├ľkobau.

We will go through how to:

  1. List EPDs from the ├ľkobau API
  2. Search for EPDs through the ├ľkobau API
  3. Get a Single EPD
  4. Download Multiple EPDs
  5. Convert EPDs to EPDx
  6. Visualize EPDs
  7. ECO Platform

You will be able to follow along in your own pace and try to code the project yourself.

Learn more about the course here: https://okobau.kongsgaard.eu/

Register Now!

Registering for the course is simple:

  • Go to https://okobau.kongsgaard.eu/auth/signup
  • Create an account by putting in your email and a password.
  • Once the account is created you are taken to a checkout page where you can purchase the course.
  • The course is 48ÔéČ excl. VAT for newsletter and waiting list subscribers - for everyone else it is 68ÔéČ excl. VAT.
    If you are paying as a company, you can deduct the VAT, at checkout.

To redeem your discount use the code WAITINGLIST at the checkout.

  • Once the payment is complete you are taken back to the course website and you can start the course!

I hope you enjoy the course, it is my first online course, so I'm really excited to get it out!

All the best,