Code with Me: Ökobau's API

Code with Me: Ökobau's API

Have you wanted to use Ökobau's API, but found it difficult to get started?

Don't worry!
In the upcoming Code with Me course, I will teach you how to use Python to search and fetch EPDs from Ökobau.

We will go through how to:

  1. List EPDs from the Ökobau API
  2. Search for EPDs through the Ökobau API
  3. Get a Single EPD
  4. Download Multiple EPDs
  5. Convert EPDs to EPDx
  6. Visualize EPDs

You will be able to follow along in your own pace and try to code the project yourself.

Sign up for the waiting list with the link below and I will show you how to get the most out of Ökobau's API!

Ökobau API Course
Ökobau API Course - Learn how to work and interact with the Ökobau API.